What is the problem?

How can a local chamber of commerce leverage their existing chamber base with digital signage?

How can a local chamber of commerce monetize their network to increase market share and create an additional revenue stream?

The Market

Market Opportunity

Many fast-food restaurants—also known as Quick Service Restaurants (QSR) in the industry—are employing digital signage, for instance, to replace static signs with digital menu boards. The boards promote better customer engagement than static signs, while offering dynamic content and appealing visuals. Moreover, digital menu boards provide companies an opportunity to sell smarter by promoting new items, upselling higher-margin products and reducing inventory by making immediate changes to content for promotions or advertising on video walls, projection signage store fronts, digital menu boards and kiosks.

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Digital is the second fastest growing form of digital out of home media in the country today. Embrace technology to grow your chambers following and membership.

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Earn revenue on all transactions the larger your chamber base the more earning potential you will have.

How the Chambers Make Money

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